Monday, October 29, 2007

~Birth Story ~

As some of you have requested a more detailed account of what transpired during Charis' birth, I hope to fill in the blanks with this post, but before that... I have to say that I have learned a few things that I did not know before:

1) I never knew that baby's made sooooo much noise when they sleep. It is as if they decide to keep you awake whether awake or sleeping.

2) I never knew that a baby could manage to use the restroom (to be delicate) in three different directions -- on the wall, the changer, and me.

3) I never knew that breastfed babies gained both weight and height so quickly. Charis was 7lbs. 6oz. at birth, but dropped 5 oz. and is now 8lbs. 9oz. She was 19 1/2 inches at birth and is now 20 3/4 inches.

4) I never knew, but am delightfully surprised, to find that postpartum moms can lose weight so quickly. :)

Now on to the birth story...

Signs that early labor was beginning started on the 8th of October. I really believe that I could have urged my body into active labor, but as I had been advised to sleep if tired, I managed to force myself to sleep and then enjoyed the following day walking at the mall with Sean and resting. The evening of the 9th after having painless contractions all day, contractions became definitely more noticeable. I managed to doze for a couple of hours but then awoke around 2 am, and thought, "finally, this is the real thing!" I used "contraction master" via the internet in order to count the minutes between and the length. Around 6 am I decided that a trip to the hospital was sounding more and more inviting. I woke Sean up, called family members, and then called my doula about quarter to 7 (attempting to allow her as much sleep time as possible! :). She arrived about an hour later, and we then headed to the hospital after contacting the necessary people: doctor, attending nurse, etc.

Upon checking in at the birthing center (one of 9 birthing centers actually attached to a hospital in the States, and we providentially live at the other end of the street...), they took me straight up to the birthing center and even allowed me to choose my favorite room! For some reason, I really did not feel up to decision making and asked which they would suggest.

I wish I could say that I immediately assumed my most comfortable position, but I simply could not find a position remotely comfortable or relieving, as I had been led to believe was possible. :) I think this is what surprised me most about the whole birthing experience. I honestly thought that there would be a position that would somewhat suppress the pain I experienced whether on the birthing ball, sitting in the glider, relaxing in the jacuzzi, etc. This was not to be. The nurse did check me upon arrival (about 9 am), however, and I was already fully effaced and 6-7 cm dilated -- a wonderful answer to my prayers after hearing of other friends who took so long to reach that point. After sitting in the jacuzzi, walking the halls, and then leaning on Sean, I finally thought maybe pushing was the next item on the agenda. I do have to point out that again, despite what I had been told, I did not experience the internal desire to "push." I think those who were assisting simply knew based on my rather emotional responses!!! Two thoughts kept rushing through my head during this final stage... "This is just like one of those horrible rides at a theme park that you want to abort but cannot!!!" And secondly, " I wonder if I just held my breath and passed out if they would be forced to just get this baby out of me!!!" My doula along with Sean and the attending nurse made sure, however, that I did not get the chance to "hold my breath."

I must interpose at this point, how exceedingly gracious and loving our God is to provide such a hospital so wonderfully staffed. I am not certain about my doctor's beliefs but the nurse, my doula, and of course, Sean are believers, and I could not have asked for better support during this time!!! Sean was the one upon whom I leaned, quite literally for about 6 hours, my doula put up with my nonsense and continually massaged and talked me through contractions, and if it had not been for the attending nurse during the last hour, I think I would never have made it. She politely got right in my face and told me exactly how to push and even accompanied this advice with facial expressions. My doctor was the one who kept everything calm, asking that the computer noises be turned off, telling the nurse that she did not have to check me yet again with the fetal, heartbeat monitor (which for some reason was driving me "crazy"), applying hot compresses, telling me when exactly and how much to push, etc. I would drive straight back to this hospital without hesitation in order to have any future baby(ies) with his assistance, if possible! One hour and fifteen minutes later at 12:57 pm, Charis Bobbett Humby made her appearance.

Though I am not the most quiet of birthing moms, apparently, I am quite polite. I asked if I could "please" push a number of times, and even apologized to my doctor for accidentally almost spitting in his face (My aim was true, but he quickly dodged.).

In closure, Sean and I are both so grateful for everyone's prayers, encouragement, and gifts. God has provided for us in every possible way, and we have been richly blessed!!! Much love to all...


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pictures, pictures, and pictures...

While some of you may be tiring of pictures (and no, I have not yet forgotten about the need to post a birthing story for those of you who requested... ), I do not have anything else too exciting to post at present. Also, those many friends of ours who are overseas really enjoy the photo update! So, the rest of you at home and close by will have to endure the photos. Believe me, there are many, many more that I/we are not posting! :)

One, now larger, happy family!!!

"With which hand do I pledge allegiance?"

Growing prettier every day! :) (don't tell mommy
if you do not think so!!! )

"This tongue simply will not do what I tell it to... "

Daddy and I

Last but not least... My mother came in to assist for about a week, and we loved having her here!!! It is so nice to have some extra helping hands who are willing to do whatever is needed!!!

Grandma and Charis just getting back from a "cold" walk.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Dear all,

I seem to find myself doing three things primarily and trying many more things that one simply does not think of until having been pregnant, laboring, delivering, etc. :) I won't elaborate on the latter. However, the former three are as follows: feeding Charis, sleeping, and drinking water (or juice at times). The sleeping is definitely not top priority these days! Oh well!

Overall, these new tasks in life are going well. I have to "laugh" at the sin nature that becomes so evident early on. Charis is rather uhm... stubborn! (I can't imagine from whom she learned that!?! :) Feeding time is a battle. Yes, she is hungry, but it has taken almost an hour at times to get her to eat! If I attempt to force the matter, she either becomes quite angry me or melts into a sleeping puddle of baby, instantaneously! There is no awaking her from these sudden fits of "dead to the world" behavior. It is a wonderful example, though, of the need to train children up from the very beginning "in the way that he should go."

Brief prayer request... I was just notified Monday that the small symphony in which I have been playing just lost their concert master. The conductor was hoping that I would be able to audition for the vacant seat. The audition is tomorrow (Thursday) in the evening. My mom is flying in (yeh!!!) shortly after lunch and then will be driving me to the audition while Sean attends a business meeting. Lord willing, she will arrive on time as I am supposed to leave here late afternoon. Needless to say, I am completely unprepared. I found two orchestral excerpts that seemed somewhat familiar and then will perform part of the first movement of an old concerto. I am just praying that God will bless my efforts and display much grace. The conductor is being quite lenient and is willing to assist as timing might be somewhat crucial with Charis, who is not quite on any kind of schedule yet! :) Anyhow, I would really appreciate your prayers!!!

Well, Charis is calling. So, I must run! Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, October 13, 2007


... Here's that last shot in color.

Charis' 3 Day Old Photos

Hi everyone!
Here are some more photos of me (Charis). This time I'm three days old...
that's right, it's literally my third birthday.

I love my Mommy's kisses... she's so soft and cuddly!

As you can see, I'm not always asleep now. I manage to find a little bit of time to check out what's all around out there in this big world. I find it all pretty fascinating!

This is me in black and white. (Daddy was playing around with the photos a bit).
Well, I might go and have another feed and rest for now. Lord willing I'll show you more of what I've been up to some time soon.

Bye for now.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

More photos!!!

Dear all,

Thank you so much for your support and prayers. Charis' arrival has been a great blessing and testimony of God's goodness, despite the pain and discomfort! :) We wanted to share a few more pictures with you. While you enjoy these, I will attempt to get a birthing story written, although I am not sure it will be as good as yours, Kelley! Again, ENJOY! ...

Woo hoo! I am finally going home!


Mommy enjoying taking photos...


Let's see... sleeping again!?!

Snoozing away... Mommy and Daddy both hope this is a developing habit

Mommy is about to try the sleeping thing too... :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Charis Has Arrived!!!

Hey guys,

This is Sean just back from the hospital to do a couple of things, including filling in for Katie in posting a new post just to say, that haris was born after about 12 hours of labor at 12:27pm, weighing in at around 7lbs 6oz and 19.5" long. Mother and baby are doing well (I'm sure Katie can tell you a little more about it when she gets the chance.) We're both so thankful for the Lord's abundant mercies!!! Psalm 127:3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

Anyhow, we've already had a request from Rachel for photos, so if I can work out what to do I'll put some up. Charis has a couple of red spots on her eyelid and face, but only temporary.

Sorry about the layout, but these photos just won't go where I intend to put them!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Odds and Ends ...

Well, I decided to post, as previously requested quite a while ago, some pictures of random baby items. This task also supplied me with the energy to do some cleaning. The most exciting area of cleaning I have accomplished thus far in my pregnancy was the task of borrowing a friend's carpet cleaner and cleaning our apartment's carpet. I know that there was a supposed professional brought in prior to our arrival almost two years ago, but... If there was a way to wrinkle one's nose in horror and disgust, I would most certainly be expressing my distaste at how horribly dirty our carpet turned out to be. Apparently, daily to every-other-daily vacuuming does NOT solve the problem. Wood floors are sounding more and more appealing! Anyhow, on to the pictures...!!! LOL! I am not sure that you will even see the carpet! Oh well, you can imagine. :) I just finished our bedroom floor about an hour ago. Woohoo!!!

Below is our car seat, granted a very unbecoming picture. I am so happy with the quality!!! I was also excited to receive, without requesting, a snugly, ever-so-soft, Koala Baby-over the top carrier cover. Found above is the "fuzzy" picture to display the last mentioned item, btw.

To the left is our lovely swing, and no, we have not tried it out despite it's alluring sales pitch and ever so enticing rocking system -- cradle or swing. AND below is Charis' bed -- sweet and simple. Yes, I am aware that those cuddly animals in the corner will have to be removed. :(

This beautiful piece of furniture is the changing station. I really like the design and was even happier with the color once seen in real life, not via the internet. It was quite simple to put together and really seems sturdy unlike other dressers at name brand stores!

How Big am I?

For those of you who so graciously attempted to make my size seem not quite so huge by your kind words, which I really did appreciate... this is a photo taken on the same day just prior to the "holding up my belly" picture. So, what do you think... am I really that big? :D

Friday, October 5, 2007

At Jen's Request... smiling! :)

A Few Requests...

Dear Friends and Family,

I just wanted to send out a brief note requesting prayer for my upcoming recital tomorrow. Due to an unusually difficult couple of weeks with my teaching, I have quite a few students who will unfortunately not be performing, despite all of the effort on my part which has been rather depressing for me. I am attempting to be satisfied with God's obvious working in this matter and not allow myself to feel completely worthless (I am know that many of you teach and can empathize... !). Anyhow, I am accompanying on piano as well as performing the 3rd movement of a violin concerto. I am not entirely sure what possessed me to play myself, but I would greatly appreciate your prayers that all will go smoothly. I am getting rather tired at this point and need a sudden burst of ... well something! :)

As always, though I don't say it, thank for listening!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Baby Requirements ...

I thought that I might shed some light on some accessories that are apparently absolutely necessary for the arrival of a baby! :)... at least from a guy's perspective. Here are our newest additions. (It seems like there might be a couple more filters that might be required: a protective lens filter and a "softening" filter to make the photo details less sharp.) Please take notice of the Rode microphone which has the ability to filter out unwanted noises and record clearly the voices/music/baby noises that are wanted from all angles to the camera AND the beautiful 52 mm lens on the front which allows one to zoom in more clearly on the desired image. Together these items create an end result of perfection both audibly and visually!!! :) So, how was that for a sales pitch, especially from one who may not exactly be soooo sold on the product!?! :) Thankfully, we already had the camera!!! (I am not sure that I like Ebay anymore. Shopping online seems to be an extremely dangerous pastime.)