Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bathing time and... Fun facts!

Well, It is difficult to choose out the photos we have been taking, but I decided to post a few during her bath time which I find pretty cute, though Sean wasn't as taken with them. :) We will let you decide!

I think that I might have surprised her on this one...

I had to be somewhat amused though the below picture does not do her justice, but Charis really LOVES to have something in her mouth to suck on at almost all times. She started to fuss while "sleeping" in her swing. I assumed it was because she had lost her pacifier. However, by the time I reached her to amend the situation, I found her furiously sucking away at the end of it. I found it even more amusing because it was pulling at the side of her mouth like one of those dentist tools they use to keep your mouth open during cleaning...

To complete this post, I thought I would give some details about Charis (and ME) that you might find somewhat funny.
1) I cannot seem to spell her name on these posts. It always comes out as: "Chairs."
2) Charis likes to sleep with me, even if she is the only one sleeping... The antics that keep me awake: punching me in the eye (which actually was slightly painful), pulling my nose, kicking me in the stomach repeatedly, etc.
3) I was sitting, feeding her the other day only to find the process somewhat painful after a period of time. Looking down I found that she wasn't even latched on correctly. Far from it... !!!
She was simply attached to me on the "side" which left a large red mark! :) This was not the only time, as I also found after one nap together, a few red marks on my arm. Charis simply loves to suck on .... well, anything! :)
4) One of her most recent, favorite pastimes is to look at the drawing we have of an Australian coastline on our wall. If I am sitting anywhere near the drawing, she cranes her head at any direction required to stare at it and smiles and talks to it! Hmm...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Reading already???

Well, we decided to begin Charis early in regard to her theological reading. We sit her behind these books for at least five minutes daily... one never knows what she might take in!?! Right? Just kidding, she did look awfully cute though, and we thought we might share the pictures with you. Sean chose her reading material. :)

This is our favorite!!!


"I think that this might be a little over my head, Daddy!"

"Woohoo, finally, a concept I can grasp!"

"This Bible seems to be a little heavy!"

Oops... Apparently, Charis has not yet arrived at the portion of Scripture which explains that women cannot be pastors or teachers ... or very little girls for that matter. We will have to enlighten her.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007