Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Potty Time!

Ok... so I admit. I was a little camera happy, but Charis is developing this amazing, goofy personality. She loves to laugh, smile, be silly, etc. AND... I just happened to be able to catch my often serious little girl in one of her quirky moods... on the potty! :) Which makes it just a little bit cuter in my estimation. So enjoy!

"Uh oh! Mom's got the camera!"

"Uhm.... I am not sure this is a good time."

"So, I guess I'll just play to the camera."

"Hey, you wanna see my goofy lip?"

Little concentration going on...

"Phew-wee!!! You guys did not tell me about the smells involved with this whole potty thing."

"I love you mum, but could we be done now!"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Color Blue!

This is Charis' newest dress and present from Grandaddy and Grandma in GA. So, I thought I might just post a few pics primarily for them but also for others to enjoy if desired. I thought this color looked particularly good on her. She certainly seemed to like it. :)

Charis walking

I just love these shoes!

She just loves sitting at the piano!!!

Not quite the right form but... It is a modern arrangement! :)

Yeah.... "How many pictures has this been now... 30 and counting???"

I just love the little hands and feet!

I had to post this pic as this is a very typical face of Charis when she has had enough!

Now for the comfy clothes and Daddy's hat!

Friday, January 2, 2009

You know that you are a "parent" when...


1) You lean down to tie your shoe and without thought, double knot the lace.

2) You fix a meal for yourself (finally...) and give half or all of it to your ever eating, and particularly adorable at the moment child.

3) You are showered in smelly substances and do not give a shriek of alarm.

4) You are not upset by the the little cries emanating from the bedroom announcing that the "long morning of rest" you were cherishing is now over.

5) You are cooking a meal and suddenly there are little arms wrapped around your legs, seeking to stop all movement, and almost succeeding as you fly towards the floor.

6) You are trying to take that much needed, restful, warm shower only to have the shower curtain opened again and again... so much for the warm-part of the shower. :)

7) You find amusement in watching your small child perform the same antics again and again.

Well, the list could go on... if any of your readers can give input as to their experiences. I would love to hear from you!!! : -)

Have a wonderful NEW YEAR!!!!!