Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Attempts at Furniture Recovering

Some of you might prefer the fabric as shown in the swatch below, but when one has furniture already in the same room whose primary colors are navy, maroon, and hunter green... the swatch below REALLY doesn't go. It had been bothering me greatly for quite some time. So, this morning I had had enough. I marched off to Walmart (the service was horrible!) and got some plain, navy upholstery fabric and then used some odds and ends fabric my mom had sent up along with the furniture they kindly gave us a few months ago (which served to make the piping). AND... after working all day (well, from 1:30-6:15 straight, finishing right before my students arrived). I am sooo excited with the results. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing nor how the picture in my head would actually look when finished. At least, it now matches the other furniture and does not have to hide under a throw rug anymore!!! :) (This ambiguous "furniture" is an ottoman, I think. I am really not sure what to call it!?! Any suggestions at the proper title?)

I should have taken a before-shot. The entire ottoman was covered in this fabric with a tiny piping of the same colors in place of my rather larger choice for piping.

The finished look... Please forgive the books stacked below. You should have seen our living area before Sean did a quick cleaning!!! The left over books and boxes simply had to be slid under the ottoman until later, and with my back feeling the way it currently does, I simply did not have the energy to pull them out prior to the photo shoot!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

We have really been blessed by a young couple with, now, two beautiful kids who live in the same apartment complex as us. They have faithfully been attending the Bible study we hold weekly and have been such an encouragement spiritually and relationally. Unfortunately :(, they have to move back up to Cleveland at the end of this month, and we will be extremely sorry to see them go!!! So posted below are some pics of them at the last official Bible study.

I love his smile. He bestows it quite often but never quite when you are quiet camera ready!

Chat time after our study!

Ok... So maybe someone wasn't listening too intently, but... that ok! We love him anyhow! Or perhaps... he is just in deep mediation in regard to some thought!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Creation Science Museum

We had a lovely time with my

sister Martha today visiting the
Creation Science Museum!

I can sympathize with Eve!!!:) as seen below...

The life-like scenes were very well done. I am not sure exactly what the figures were made of but they seemed at times quite life-like!

The beauties of the botanical garden were almost as enjoyable as the museum as we chose a rather crowded day to be touring the facility!

Of course... the beauties of God's creation always far surpass man's attempt to mimic it.

I hope that the brief glimpse of the museum pics was enjoyable to all... Now all of you will have to come up and visit us in Ohio, as there is
now a reason to do so! :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

First Baby Shower!

Charis just had her first baby shower over the weekend. Quite a few kind friends contributed to the wonderful food, of which only a small sample is shown below, but the majority of thanks must be given to the Frasure family for all of the their hard work. We had a wonderful time opening presents, eating, talking, playing volleyball, pool, and a myriad of other activities.
The theme for the party in case you can not tell is ducks!!!

The most amusing gift was a "work" belt for Sean containing, glasses, ear plugs, coffee (for the many late nights), wipes, pacifier, bottle, rattles, face mask, and a few other items!!! :) We all had quite a laugh. What an inventive idea!

So, I did request quite specifically for not too much pink. I think everyone did a great job!!! I do hope, however, that Charis likes yellow!?!

Speaking of inventive... notice the diapers on the left of the next photo. My friend Carmen put that together to look like a cake. I was really impressed!

And yes,... Some brave soul gave me a hot pink sun dress with embroidery on the bottom. AND, I absolutely love it! It is so cute. Of course, she will have to wait a while... unless she is as big as Luke (Rachel :)!