Friday, July 3, 2009

Long over due from the Outback...

I know that I have failed to post pictures. However, I finally got them off of the camera and thought... hmm... if anyone is interested!?! So, I do apologize for the lack of clarity in some of them. We decided not to take our nice camera but be content with the video camera's shots. So, enjoy!

Playing in the sand!

Walking with Daddy

Checking out water temps --- brrr!

Surfin' truck!

View from the top -- check out those waves. Sean caught quite a few despite not so wonderful conditions.

Birds and Scenery

Seaweed -- Pewee!!!!! :-(

Fishin' --Clem and Sean

More fishing... and check out those sand dunes. They stretched on and on. The camera we had simply could not do them justice. (We actually walked up one -- talk about a bun and thigh workout -- Yikes!!!)

View from the front porch of our 'shack'!

View in the other direction from the porch...

Sorry to be so "post-cardish" -- could not resist.

Cold and windy with Nana

Tuckered out from all that surfin' and fishin'

Family photo time!

Since the above photo took a rather unsightly picture of the most important member of the family, let me introduce: Bessie the dog! :) Oh yeah... and Charis!