Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hmmm... my baby daughter is growing like a weed. So much for the "small compared to everyone else" stage. I have posted pictures here and there without doing too many at a time, especially when it came to pictures of our trip to GA. So, here are some outside ones of us enjoying:

Charis getting ready for her first horse back ride!!!

Wow! That does look like fun.

Charis and Mummy

All done already.... "please, can I get back on???"

"Maybe one of the horses passing by might just let me on... anyone, please?"

Riding with Daddy... Woohoo!!!

Still riding...

Patting the horse

Yep...now it is my turn to drive... hold on!!!

"And... back to watching, again."

Saturday, December 20, 2008

What's new!

I don't have much to share other than a couple of semi-important events. My baby is growing up and despite the lack of communication on her part -- or at least intelligible communication -- it is comforting to know that she does understand.

Our biggest news is that Charis actually walked a couple of days ago. Sean has been working and working with her, and then my dad came for a visit and bought her some adorable shoes that seem to lend just a tiny bit of needed support. So, I came back from teaching violin to hear that she had been walking. I did not really believe it until I saw her walk not just one toddling step but up to ten!!! Let me not shout forth too joyously as Charis has since decided that walking is not really her thing quite yet. It seems that only Starbursts induce sudden desires to walk. :)

Secondly, Charis never, and I mean never, sleeps in our bed. In fact, I have had to work on actually making her rest in my arms recently. However, we had an incident of "paci gone missing" last night. So, around 5:00 am she awoke, and Sean who was getting up for work brought her upstairs. I went back down to look for paci and could NOT find it. I searched and searched only finally to search Charis and find it down in her jammies!?! :) Tired, sleepy, and Charis a little emotional, I took her up to bed with me. We both slept happily until about 8:30. Yeah!!! :) Charis of course woke me first and insisted on getting out of bed. I placed her on the floor and explained that until I got some pants on we were not going anywhere. She looks around and then grabs the first article of clothing on the floor and hands it to me. I was impressed!!! The object was not exactly pants, but it showed that Charis was comprehending my needs by my words alone, not actions or guestures needed!

So,... we will keep working!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


When I reflect over the past days, months, years... I am always comforted to see the hand of God working in my life. There are times when I become disgruntled and yes, upset, and think that I could perhaps do better myself, but... just about then, I am given a "lovely" view of the end result of situations that I attempted to micro-manage. These images are not oh so lovely! :) While this is difficult, at least it serves as a reminder to trust in God above all else.

Anyhow, I am so thankful for a loving, supportive family, and thought... I might just share a few pics with you from our family gathering. So, off of my soap box I jump! Enjoy! :)

Getting stuff ready!

Boys will be ... boys!?! :)

Mom and Martha

Martha and Me

Charis and Alex

This little/big man has the ability to light up any room with his infectious smile!

Kids, Babies, and Bigger Kids!

Belated Happy Thanksgiving from Mine to Yours!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I do hope that everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. My family, though busy, thoroughly enjoyed the time that all siblings, children, and parents had together. The only unfortunate event was that everyone seemed to have some variation of a cold and which was passed around. Some of us were able to ward off the sickness, but most of us succumbed to illness eventually, despite the numerous safeguards taken -- and believe me... I took everyone possible one!

Anyhow, I will be posting those pictures at a later time taken at our family gathering. I am even contemplating posting a link to the professional pictures made of the 23 of us, but ... We'll see.

Instead I thought I might just post a few of Charis' newest antics.

Charis seems to like attention, especially mummy's attention when mum talks too much to someone else. Charis reminded me of this quite some time back when she made the most awful eye bulging, nose scrunching, body shaking, face reddening, and noise growling gesture I have ever seen at my mom, who was discussing some upcoming music plans with me. I have never seen anything like it!!!!

Other than the occasional tumble backwards, Charis seems not to get hurt too often. Sean did find her yesterday (and I would give anything to see a picture of it), after hearing a rather distant, as if in a box, cry emanating from the living room. Somehow, Charis when reaching into her box of toys had fallen head first. By the time Sean noticed the peculiar cry for help, though rather muffled, her little bum was poking straight up, her head in her box, and her body bent at a rather odd angle. I just keep laughing every time I think of it, though full of sympathy! :)

Otherwise, Charis loves to grab my cell phone and chatter away while holding next to her ear. It is rather odd, as I really don't talk on it very often in front of her.

AND.... she seems to be addicted never to learn any new words other than .... "Waz-dat?" This question at times is used as a question, but more than often it if employed to point out something desired, or rather demanded. My little girl has not yet mastered the technique of polite requests.

AND.... Charis cannot seem to respond to our emphatic, ... "NO!" Still working... maybe one day.

Well, perhaps by the time I post next Charis will have come across a new interests like... Walking!!! One step so far unassisted, but...

Until next time... God bless!