Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!

Well, I just had to announce that I won in Scrabble!!! I am not very adept when it comes to word games, as is my husband, and I if I win, it is not by a large margin -- 1-10 points at the most. However, I just seemed to get great letters, which has nothing to do with my skill level as I know. And bingo... I can't believe that I kept him at bay throughout the entire game! Now I am sure that some of you guys get huge scores at this game, but I at least, am entirely new. I have always refused to play it in the past and now am worried that perhaps I am becoming um... attached, enthralled, fixated, ... Oh dear!

Notice the Score!!!

Uncle Sean's Big Idea

Well, the guys didn't do too much as far as decorations for my nephew's party recently. Not to slight them, however... They were great when the kids came -- helping feed, playing games (in the HOT sun), being sprayed with silly string, assisting with crafts, and etc. I have to sort of brag on my husband though as he created the decoration which, I believe, claimed the most "oohs" from the kids. You know the game, pin the tail on the donkey? Well, my sister, Rachel, came up with a version of: pin the mask on spider man! Very inventive! AND Sean came up with the web shooting up from spider man's hand. Who has a spider man without the web, especially when he is obviously striking a flying pose???

The Sister Duo

Ok... So this was Sean's idea and Rachel's pose. Notice Rachel's nice thin arms and my "Popeye" sized ones. Hm.... I have not really gained that much weight! Perhaps, I better begin some upper-arm, slenderizing exercises for pregnant moms!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Desiring Everyone's Honest Opinion

Ok.... So, I was teaching a violin lesson to a new student today. We will not discuss how the lesson went, but in the midst of it, the little sister of my pupil seemed to me to desire her own chair and was squirming around in her mother's lap. I thought, well, if she wants her own chair, I can go get her one which I suggested to her mother. Her mother replied by stating that the little girl (3yrs.) had been begging to nurse all day and asked if I would be alright with her nursing her. Of course I said yes.

BUT... what do ya''ll think of the whole issue... Nursing until what age??? I have never been a huge advocate of breast feeding but believe it is healthier for both me and the little one. However, I am not altogether sure about the age argument. Everyone believes a bit differently, and then there are the children that simply quit early! So... the floor is open for debate... Say on!

Monday, June 18, 2007


Dear Friends,

In answer to you dilemma regarding the T or F post!?! Number One is actually the false statement. I may play violin decently, but not that well! :) Sorry! Everyone guessed well.
I actually had never really listened to Bob Marley before marrying Sean, but sort of
enjoy his music (only... not his ethics, beliefs, or etc.) now. I believe Rachel is entitled to the winners prize, whatever that may be! BUT, congrats to all who participated!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007


Just one more comment... I must respectfully state (so as not to embarrass my husband) that there is a spelling error in statement 1 of my true/false list. Yes, I do know and will not blame it on pregnancy, that I meant "accepted" NOT "excepted." I apologize profusely and will attempt not to make such an error twice. (I believe Sean is often more amused by the spellings on my friend's blog sites than by the information.)

True or False... You name it!

Ok... so, I wasn't completely aware that I would have to make up my own list of statements, but I will do the best possible. This is going to be difficult!!! If I am correct, only one statement is false, and you must determine the error. I have been made aware, however, that being "tagged" by my sister, Rachel, means that I must in turn develop a list of my own. Enjoy!

1) I was excepted into 4 major conservatories when preparing to pursue a master's degree.

2) I am the local pool expert at my apartment!

3) I have a birthmark on my inner, right ankle which vaguely resembles the shape of a violin.

4) I have four siblings.

5) I spent three consecutive summers --for two weeks each trip -- in Peru.

6) I detest dead animals and will come to the point of crying if forced to deal with them.

7) I am an admirer of Bob Marley's music.

8) I have never put nail polish on my fingernails and left it for any period of time.

9) I do not like scary movies.

10) I always dreamed of being an opera singer when younger.

Charis Bobbett Humby's Coming Out...

Well, we will just get the embarrassing image taken care of first! Perhaps, there can be a mutual vote on whether everyone agrees I am a girl!?!

On to better footage... Yes, my spine is looking very nice as is my heart!!!!

Now for a beautiful side profile!!!

Last but not least.... a frontal view! The doctors promise that I will begin to
look a bit more human and little less alien-like. Well, we certainly hope so!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Having a just 3 year old!

Well, I was asked by some friends yesterday if I could watch their son for a few hours. We had a great time, eating dinner, playing cars, coloring, and etc. We even had a chance to bake some cookies. Lani was more consumed with eating the chocolate chips and wondering why Sean could not talk to him and be on the phone at the same time. But... it is just a good reminder of how easy things are when the child goes back to his parents... :) Hmm... in the days to come, I am going to be that parent!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Our Trip to the UK

For those of you interested... Sean and I recently arrived home from a delightful trip to the UK (Scotland and Ireland). Despite a not-so-wonderful journey home, only to find a package with its
contents stolen AND a house reeking due a fridge full of rotten food because our power company mistook us for another tenant (and NO, there will be not footage of this brown, repulsive slime which came gushing out of the freezer door when Sean bravely investigated), --Oh yes! On to the end result -- We had a lovely time spent with close friends of Sean's! The following are just a few photos out of our many:

Ok... So I really do not know how to put the photos
were I want them... but enjoy anyhow!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My first attempts...

I cannot imagine posting my thoughts, nor would I imagine that anyone would have the slightest personal interest in my daily, rather droll, affairs. However, as my little one is fast approaching her arrival, I am certain that she at least will create a diversion far more interesting than myself. So, I take comfort in that fact!

Yes, I do know, from a rather revealing photo that we will not show to the public so as not to embarrass, that the child within my womb is most definitely not of the male sex. However, as soon as "mom" figures out the mechanics of scanning and posting photos... Charis (this is the name chosen at this point) would be more than happy to show off her profile!

Until then... adieu