Saturday, June 28, 2008

Family Fun

Well, I have not much to say yet again. However, I thought that I would just share with you these impromptu poses of our little family. We were having fun and appreciated having my sister, Martha, here to snap some shots. So Enjoy!...

Having a good time!

A little more serious!

Goofing around but still... this was the only photo that Charis actually looked at the camera.

Beware of the hair pulling baby!

Notice the beautiful color scheme of greens and blues... OK so, I should have cleaned up a bit first. Sorry! AND whoever thought of calling it bath tissue. Why not just good old toilet paper? Because that is what it is. Of course, bath tissue does sound a bit more stately and refined. However, I am sorry, but the purpose for which bath tissue is used is certainly not... I will say no more. Just one more thing... Perhaps, the name generates from the fact that is just a generic brand??? :)

So, who does Charis look like?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Movies !!!

I do not have much to write as not much has happened here. However, I did want to mention to all of you moms or aunts or... out there that the Baby Einstein videos are amazing. Well, at least the particular one I have is quite worth while. I do not appreciate the attempt to teach different languages at such an early age, however, the musicality and brain activities they do employ seem to be perfect for Charis and those other babies or young children around her age. Charis sings, laughs, claps, waves, and interacts with every scene that comes up. Of course, she does seem to have her favorite puppets that engage her interest more than others. Anyhow, I thought I would just mention the movies to those who might be interested. Does anyone else have any favorites? I am really not into the merely "silly" things that contain no means of education, or even worse, emphasize behaviors or beliefs to which I do not hold.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bath Time

My Dear Charis finally received her first bath since we arrived in MI. We have just been sticking to showers, but today (with all of this extra time on my hands :), we dug out her old bath tub and had a good old time! Charis was a little hesitant and instantly wanted to be picked up when I first put her in, but she quickly decided splashing wasn't too bad. Despite the pools of water everywhere which were caused by her recently acquired ability to scoot around on her backside -- honestly, she sort of sings and "dances" in such a bouncy, sitting manner that she moves! This caused quite a few near calamities and ruined our soapy, bubble head shot, but here are some of the rest that were not upset. Prepare for the photo onslaught! I was not very decisive. :)

Bath time might be fun after all!


Hey can I get some more water in my cup?

Wow! This wash cloth is difficult to handle!

Shown to the right is the art of scooting on one's backside!

Time to towel off while looking cute!

Hey I could stand a little coverage, Mum!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Adults, Dogs, and Babies

So, I could post a few posts or just one and cover the desired info. So, I will choose the lazy route. Before the pics though, I just thought that I would share some tearfully happy news. I am now officially done teaching in Dayton!!! I will miss my students dreadfully, but I am so glad to be done with that long, weekly trip to and from OH. I will also miss the time spent with some friends of mine who were so incredibly gracious and continually opened there home to me 3 days out of the week, every week! Wow!

I am currently contemplating what avenue to travel next, musically speaking. There are two areas of interest: an artists diploma at Univ. of MI or auditioning for the Detroit SO. I believe that I will pursue the latter as the audition dates are the end of July. Whether or not I get in... Well, I am just not sure about the required time if I get in and then there are issues with my refusal to work on the Sabbath. So, I am fairly positive if God wants me there, that it will be very clear with so many doors that must be opened. In the mean time, I am not holding my breath and would be shocked if I actually made it to the second round. Primarily, I just want to make sure that my music will not intrude on the necessary time I spend with Charis. Our situation is somewhat different from most, however, as Sean works from home and has very flexible hours. So... all in good time!

Well, here are the pictures... Enjoy!

My favorite and most recent picture of Charis

Serious photo time over... time to play!!!

OK... guys control the baby!

(For those concerned mothers... I did wash her hands. :)

Just resting...

What a look of adoration!

I am rather bummed that there are not more pictures of the time spent with my brother and his family, especially of their newest... Lauren as she is such sweet, petite, tiny little thing... but... She must have been sleeping during photo time. As for the rest of us, we had just gotten up, and well, just use your imagination! :)

Speaking of imagination... Meghan thought it might be a good idea to use my potpourri for a "doggy tail." Cute huh? (Actually, I think it might have been her Daddy's idea!)

Have a GREAT day!!!