Thursday, April 30, 2009


OK.... so I know the picture below is rather small, but I just wanted to share that it pays to have a family member who works for Lowes. In the last two days Sean has brought home a $266 dollar carpet cleaner for less than a quarter of the price in comparison and then today.... The lamps shown below for ... can you guess!?! JUST $7!!!!!! We have had, since we were married, second-hand lamps as well as two (one of which gave up the ghost a long time ago) that I have had since I was a teen. I am still appreciative for the old but very much overwhelmed by God's providence in regard to the new lamps.

Friday, April 10, 2009

No need for response!

This is nothing monumental, but still I found it amusing. It just shows, once again, that my little baby is growing:

So, I walked into the hallway to find that Charis has gone in the pantry and taken the box of zip-lock bags off the shelf. She was joyfully distributing them all over the hallway. While I was contemplating the best means of approach I heared her state, "Chaar --rees, Chaar --ees!!!" in a rather dramatic fashion as soon as she saw the look on my face. Charis than began shoving the bags back (rather neatly if I might add) in the box as fast as she could and then handed the box to me with her typical, "Here ya go."

Hmmm... I didn't need to say a word! :) She played, reprimanded herself, cleaned up, and gave me what was rightfully mine. Parenting is getting easier and easier. LOL!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

AND.... growing!

So, for those of you who knew we went to Australia for the month... it was a wonderful time to relax and visit and visit and visit family/friends. Last time I went, we did not have the luxury of getting to meet so many of Sean's old acquaintances. Perhaps, it had something to do with the newness of our own. One can be a little stingy on their honeymoon right? :)

Anyhow our days were filled with barbies (having to do with grilling food not the blond bimbos with impeccably, impossible bodies), seeing animals, surfing (just Sean), fishing, going to the beach, etc. Unfortunately, I do not have too many pictures but a lot of video. I will post what I can off of the video camera the first chance I get!

I do have to say that Charis loved the sand, but a close second if not first was her frenzy over horses. She loves them and has absolutely no fear of them. She did also like this little push car that played music that her Nana had picked up for her. Both of her Aunties were attempting to teach Charis additional dance moves. Not sure if she learned anything though.

Anyhow, Charis seems to be adding new things to her repertoire daily.

She loves to point to and attempt to pronounce the following body parts:

~Belly button

The last two she is still having some difficulty learning:

~Thigh (keeps pointing to her hip)
~Calf muscle (she keeps getting confused with Sean's accent and actually coughs!)

Other than that, Charis is getting 4 new teeth on the bottom front and keeps us in sympathy with her by her constant desire to be held.

She is getting quite proficient with, "Up, please ( the last word sounds more like 'peas' with her own modification of scratching her chin while saying the word)." She has certain question or phrases down such as:

~Where is it? -- she loves to hide stuff and then ask this question and then when we find it....
~There it is. -- quite slurred together...
~What's that? -- thankfully, this question is not so much used these days!!!
~Here ya go. -- The way in which this is stated is usually so sweet that one would actually think Charis is giving something away. However, it is usually a demand for something. Like, "here ya go..." you can have my juice cup but fill it up right now!

Otherwise, all is well! I can't believe how long it takes to get over jet lag when you have a youngster. It is a much slower process, but one of these days, I will get my energy back!

Just a couple pictures of our growing girl. Hopefully, some more Australian scenery will accompany my next post!

Charis loved sitting on Bessie -- my mother-in-law's old dog!

Contemplation of...???