Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lovely Complexion

I seem to remember speaking with someone about the broken blood vessels in their face after having been ill with the flu (I think it was Rebecca...) Anyhow, I just wanted to show that this seems to be, at least for me, a pretty common experience with a more violent illness. The pictures below actually look better than in real life. And yes, Rebecca, I can now empathize a little bit with your recent family, flu crisis, but at least, I didn't have any little ones to encourage my gag reflex!!! :) I somehow managed within one day to wake up with a severe migraine after which I discovered that I also had the flu on top of that! Thankfully, I am somewhat better today! (For those ladies who have gone through childbirth... Did any of you have this problem? I cannot imagine what I might look like after the upcoming birth!?!)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Who is Bigger Now !?! :)

Sean thought it would be fun to show off the diference in belly size now that Rachel has lost her baby belly! And... I just have to say that Rachel really looks amazing for just having such a huge baby. This particular shirt just does not show her off properly!

~Cute and Somewhat Amazing~

Ok... So, I usually do not pass on stories unless I can verify their authenticity... However, this one does seem to come from a reliable source; thus, let us begin.

I was on a massage table attempting to receive some relief from a rather, terribly strained back muscle when the therapist announced that she had a funny story to recount, and that I would be
wise to learn from the event as I will have a child of my own with which to deal in the near future, DV. (by the way... I now can empathize 100% with those who use the phrase, "I put my back out." I simply could not understand prior to my own sufferings how one could do seemingly nothing injurious and then be flat on their back for days on end, finding that a trip to the bathroom was almost more than endurable.) Apparently, a close relative decided to take a trip to the Newport aquarium deeming their young son (5 or 6 yrs.) old enough to appreciate the animal life and etc. While in a viewing room for sharks and penguins (the exhibits being adjacent to one another), the relative/mother suddenly realized that her young son was nowhere to be found. She and her husband frantically scoured the area to no avail. Finally, when the whole aquarium had been locked down for 45 min. and the police were basically on their way, the little boy came ambling up with his hands in his pockets. The mother and father attempted to question the boy, but he refused to speak, would only look at the floor, and kept his little jacket zipped firmly up not wanting even to be touched. The parents eventually took him home promising to call the aquarium and authorities if the little boy revealed any further information once home. As soon as they got in the door (after the hour long trip home), the boy rushed upstairs, raced to the bathroom, and slammed the door. The parents then heard the shower turn on. At this point, the mother went rather frantic telling the father to break the door down as her little boy must have been molested and now felt dirty, which was why he was attempting to take a shower by himself. I am not sure exactly how the door was opened, but the parents were able to get in somehow to find their young son in the bath playing rather happily with his baby penguin! :) I can't remember exactly how the little boy explained himself, but it was something to the effect of look mommy, now I have a baby like in Happy Feet -- for those of you who have seen this film. Unfortunately for the little boy, "his baby" had to be returned to the aquarium instantly.

So... the moral of the story. Check your child carefully for any "accidentally" acquired items before leaving an aquarium, zoo, or other establishment of interest to your child. AND of course, keep your eye on them at all times!!!

Trip to KY!

I just had to show off a pic of my new nephew! He is soooo sweet, and he already smiles when you make eye contact with him! Honestly, it is not in reference to air bubbles or while sleeping as do most infants. He will respond repeatedly smiling again and again (well, at least with mommy! :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bragging rights!

Ok, I do know that every one's husbands, wives, or friends as it
may apply are thoughtful!!! However, Sean and I had both chosen a particular style of stroller and car seat along with the color scheme I desired. (Now for those of you who are pink addicts and wonder how I can put a little girl in this seat... back off! :) I was especially desirous of this exact travel system as it could, in my humble opinion, suit either a
boy or a girl. Now we are definitely planning on this baby being of the female sex, but... after all of the mistaken identity stories I have heard, one must not rely completely on the absolute accuracy of the ultrasound pics. Anyhow... I took too long to decide whether to purchase a new system, as I had been offered a used stroller and car seat, and then when deciding to go ahead and buy this Graco system anyhow, discovered that the discount as well as color was "indefinitely" out of stock. Well, Sean went on line, when I was at work, and managed to find another store which offered this particular pattern/color and ordered it for me!!! I am soooo excited!!! He was going to attempt to keep his purchase a secret, but I caught him coming out of his study with a rather "guilty" looking expression and his wallet. :) So... sorry for the lengthy story, but I just had to share.

Work, work, work!

I had hoped to drop by my Rachel's house and see their new addition as well as see my Dad, Mom, and Martha (my youngest sister) who are up visiting and assisting. However, I did not quite think of it soon enough, and though we could turn the drive down into a day trip... almost 8 hrs. of driving is better done when one leaves before 2 pm.

So,... we did some rearranging of books, bookshelf, office space, etc. Where does all of the trash come from??? Does anyone else have that problem. No matter how often "spring cleaning" occurs, there is always more garbage! I was excited that I discovered two corners in my dining area that had become stacked with excess boxes, unpacked dishes (yes,... I know... but they were Christmas gifts, and I honestly am a wee bit concerned that my ever-so-lovely and "well-built" cabinets may not be able to handle the weight), and other odds and ends.

Along with this update... I thought that I might enclose a photo of our dog, Aussie. Though he is looking excited enough because we mentioned the words "go out" and "treats," he seems to really despise my cleaning frenzies and looks as pathetic as possible.

One just has to love his under bite. Poor dog! Hence, the crooked row of bottom teeth protruding!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

God's Creation

I just had to share these pics with you guys. No matter how often I look at the sky, I just can't get over the variation, colors, cloud formations, and etc. There is always something different and unique. How can one question the glory, power,
and divine nature of our God!?! How truly blessed we are!!!

I know that these pics are similar, but I just couldn't decide which one I preferred. So... please enjoy both of them. They are both just snapshots from our apartment balcony.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Ramblings yet again!

Well, I have nothing to say of any consequence, no pictures to share, or funny stories... BUT, we had a wonderful 4th of July celebration to which we completely forgot to take our camera. So,.. until next year! The fireworks were amazing, and I have never experienced such a grand finale. I had to wonder if it was good for Charis (baby-to-be) as my entire body felt as if it were vibrating at the end. My chest area and lungs actually felt like they were rattling! :) Rather odd sensation...

In regard to Charis... I just had a check-up today unexpectedly as there were some rather odd events occurring, but everything seems to be fine. Just me being overly anxious. I have just heard too many stories about too many horrible endings to what was/could have been a healthy birth. So, ... better to be safe than sorry, right? I did have have to laugh when my midwife checked Charis' heartbeat. The baby seems to hate this device and really had not been moving much at all prior to my appointment. However, the second they placed the monitor on my stomach, there was a rather large explosion of of movement from a well-placed foot or limb which almost made my midwife drop the device. Haha! I guess Charis has been paying attention when I work out on the heavy bag at the gym. :)

Well, that is all for now. I hope that everyone has a beautiful day!!! AND belated happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!