Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Getting Bigger

Charis is such a joy, as those of you know who either have children or are at least around those little tots growing to maturity. She is daily learning new things and keeping us hopping with her random bursts of naughty behaviors and silly acts. We took Charis to play on a type of playground at the mall for younger children. She first just stood there and looked around in silence. She then adopted a few followers who she mostly ignored. They would get right in her face, and she even shook her head rather violently side to side. Though she would get a bit flustered if she could not find either Sean or myself every minute or so, she seemed otherwise pretty independent. Charis, at the end of the play time, just walked around looking exactly like a "head bang-er." Who knows where she get these random but amusing ideas!?!

She is getting a bit more adept at speaking. Her vocabulary is:

- u-bow (elbow)
-pease (please) -- she mostly refuses to say this word in particular!
- bup (up)
-click (when she is put in her carseat or anything with a harness device which makes noise)
- snap (when I put on her never ending layers of onesies... :)
- chair
- nu nu nu noooo
- bu- oon (balloon - forgot to add this earlier)

Hmmm.... She knows so many more words, but these are the only ones she really likes to say. We are attempting to remove the grunts and sighs from her vocabulary slowly but surely.

The most recent event in her life was her first haircut which happened almost five weeks ago. I know.... speak about lazy posting:

Charis loves playing with shoes --specifically the laces


After... The hair down the middle is not as long as the sides and since I didn't want to cut it too short, I just attempted to make the sides approximately the same length. Not great, but better!