Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Curse or Blessing!

I have realized that certain acquired abilities are not so wonderful in time... such as: perfect relative pitch, strength, etc. I do bewail, yet also thank God, for all with which He has blessed me. However, I was thinking how much nicer it would be if I simply was not strong enough to lift sofas, tables, love seats, etc. My body feels like someone used it as a punching bag, bike ramp, or... I am not certain. However, I am grateful because we simply did not have the "man" power and thus had to improvise (side note: who needs a stair-stepper when they have three flights of stairs and lots of boxes and heavy furniture... woohoo, perhaps I will patent this idea???). We will be officially moved into our house as of tomorrow. I will have to come back and do some cleaning later in the week, but this will not be too much of a hassle as I will have to travel to work on Thurs, Fri, and Sat at least for the month of March. Some friends of ours are being very gracious and allowing Charis and I to "crash" there two nights a week!!! The main object of my prayers at this moment are that Charis would please sleep for a whole night. She has had a bit of a nasty cold and has allowed Mommy to sleep only about 7 hrs in the last two nights, if that. :( Oh yes, and the weather here is not exactly suitable for moving at the moment. So, please also keep in your prayers our safety as we transport belongings across slick surfaces and drive in not so wonderful conditions. Thank you all, once again, for listening to my chatter!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home!!!

After living in an apartment for what seems likes years, Sean, Charis, and I are so excited to finally live in a location with a large yard, large kitchen, .... Well, everything seems large comparatively. :) Anyhow, we drove by today just before leaving MI and took some snap shots of the outside as we do not have a key for the indoors yet. The indoor shots will be sure to come, depending on how long it takes me to unpack!

Our Front Yard

We are on a main road, but these rather beautiful trees serve as a great barrier!
Our Cozy Home!

Play yard and ready made dog pen!!!

The Large Back Yard

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Dear All,

I cannot believe how time flies. Charis is almost four months old! I guess that is my new way of measuring time around here as most of my time is centered on our sweet little girl. Anyhow, I thought that I might give a brief update on what is happening here in Dayton, OH. I currently teach Tuesday from 2:30 -- 9, Thursday from 4-9, and Saturday from 10-4. Every other week or at least once a month I have been traveling to Indy, IN to teach some college level students -- not the easiest task when caring for a baby!!! As Sean has accepted the invitation to pastor a small church plant outside of Detroit, MI (don't worry Canton it is one of the top 20 safest cities), we also travel there Sunday morning and don't arrive home until sometime Monday evening. Sean and I are both currently using our Mondays to locate work, hand out resumes, meet with perspective employers, and in the past, look for housing. We just located a remarkable home, sitting on a one acre lot for a very reasonable price!!! We are so excited, and I am SICK of living in an apartment between school and marriage. God has really blessed in answering prayer in this area, and we are confident He will also provide financially upon our arrival if not in the next couple of weeks before the move!

Thus, I do ask for all of your prayers with such a busy schedule only to become more so with moving and tying up any loose ends here in dayton. I just realized today how soon we are actually moving. Next week I have my regular teaching plus rehearsals from 7-10 every night along with a trip to Indy on Wednesday. The following week we plan to attempt to move most of our belongings mid-week. Yikes!!! Oh yeah... one does have to put things in boxes at some point, right??? :)

Well, I do hope all is well with all of you. Thank you for posting all of the juicy tidbits on your lives. I appreciate it more than you know!!!

Love in Christ,


Friday, February 8, 2008

Question or... Wondering...

Hmmm... So last night I awoke horrifically over-heated and shaking. I don't remember a bad dream, but I do remember those times right after having Charis where I awoke quite warm. Last night I actually had to get something to eat and cool down. Btw I always wear light clothing, turn off the heat at night (it gets down into the early 20's and or teens), and only have one cover on the bed. So, I am not sure what happened last night but pray that it will not happen again. Any thoughts from those who have had children? Is this common? Just thought I would share and ask! Thanks for contemplating! :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Photo Shoot!

Ok, so, I am just a little proud of my little girl despite certain aspects of babyhood. She is definitely strong willed and not exactly quiet about her likes and dislikes. She in fact can be quite defiant, and at this age... well, there is not too much to be done other than not to "hop to" her every desire. We decided to take more pictures of her, and here is the product:

Charis desires to post a disclamer stating that these hats were not her idea!!!

"Phew! They finally took those awful things off!" (Honestly, Charis really seems not to like hats unless it is her fuzzy, pink hat that feels exactly like her blanket, even then...)

"Come on guys!"

Just one more pose! Sorry it is a bit grainy.