Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunsets and Travels

Well, I have been quite busy of late. I know that I am not as busy as those of you who have more than one child, but still... I cannot wait for the time two weeks from now when I will no longer be traveling to and from OH. It is not that I don't like being there, but the 8-hour round trip is becoming so tedious. I do love teaching those students in OH, though, and will be much saddened at the thought of leaving them.

I want to share a story which might inspire some of you not to follow my example. I had just finished a full day of work on Saturday and was just starting my drive home when I decided to stop at my favorite and cheapest place for gas. Charis was sleeping, and as I was staying with the car and not going in I thought I would just leave her be. This would have been fine except that after pumping the gas, I decided to place my keys on the seat in the car while washing the window. I did have a small inner voice that said, "This may not be a wise thing as your car likes to lock randomly." However, I continued blindly ahead thinking that all of the doors were unlocked and surely... As I placed the washer in its assigned location after finishing a 30 sec. ordeal, the car locked right before I reached for the door handle. 45 minutes later along with a soaking wet baby due to tears and perspiration, the locksmith finally arrived and opened the doors. I felt sooooo horrible!!! Two things learned... Do not trust your car to behave in a rational manner, and listen to that inner urge. :) Thankfully, it was not an overly warm day, and other than hurt feelings because "Mummy" would not pick her up, Charis is fine.

Side note: I am not entirely sure that babies should not get somewhat of a choice in the whole birthing matter. Some parents... :)

I was somewhat soothed by the following sunset that urged me to the side of the road:

How can one wonder if there is a God when they see such a glorious creation! Every time it is different and every time just as marvelous and enjoyable.


Rachel said...

Once again, soooo glad she is okay. Aren't you glad she will never even remember it?
BTW, I totally do not get the side note! ???

j.j. said...

Katie!! That sounds miserable. I am a fanatic about car keys IN HAND when not in the car. Poor you anad poor Charis!
I don't get the side note either!

Beth said...

I'm sorry hon. Not a fun trip for you though the sunset is beautiful. I believe I understand your side note and don't be silly. :)

Elizabeth said...

yikes! scary. I'm so glad you were both not TOO traumatized. Does your car do some sort of auto lock or something? And, what a wonderful thing to have God's creation soothe your soul on the way home!

j.j. said...

You think some babies might wish to pick their parents? ;)

K. Humby said...

Yes Jen, that is what I was intending. After all, what baby would pick a parent that locks them in the car for 45 min. and just looks at them while they scream. :( :)