Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wonders of Creation

Well, I have been a rather negligent "poster" as of recent. However, I was looking back at slightly older photos seeing what events I forgot to mention and these photos in particular stood out to me. For those of you who do not like reptiles (can you tell which sex took the majority of photos?... although I actually really do like reptiles, just not spiders!), there are a few pics of other types of animals and one human! Enjoy!

Charis really just appreciated the human variety found roaming the zoo!

I just love the various colors of green
throughout this post! I love spring!

Ok... So, no wonder I am gaining weight from eating lettuce. I always had a sneaky suspicion that one couldn't stay thin from eating the stuff! Just look at the reptile to the left below! My suspicions are confirmed!

The healthiest turtle's salad actually looks better than my fare at times. :)

A lesson to mother's everywhere! Watch how this mother croc watches her young. Ain't nobody messin with her youngsters!!!


Beth said...

Going to the zoo is so much fun. :)

Rachel said...

Great pics!! I totally feel the same way about reptiles vs. spiders. Charis is starting to look so much older! You know I stared at the picture of her being held by a guy for a while. The weird thing is that even though I decided it was Sean holding her, I had a hard time choosing between him and Dad.

K. Humby said...

Hmmm... that is odd! :)