Thursday, January 31, 2008

Family Time

I have been quite delinquent in posting these pictures -- Sean, Charis, and I went down twice to GA for various reasons. We had a lovely time, and after each visit I was that much less enthusiastic about returning north, but it seems that God's will is for us to be living even further north as we will be shortly preparing for a move towards the suburbs of Detroit, MI at the end of February. Thankfully, it will put us quite close to my brother and his family but further away from everyone else. :*( Nevertheless, I am grateful for God's leading and am learning to be content within His will for me. What a blessing it will be finally to have a supportive and loving church home despite other geographical disappointments!!! ~~~ Please enjoy in no particular order:

"These toys are so heavy. How do you release again?"

How sweet!

Aunt Martha and Lukey's favorite gift -- wrapping paper!!!

Family Portrait Time -- Just "Gardners"

McCurley Family


Waiting sweetly for everyone to get in their places!

Charis and Grandaddy playing after her baptism.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Australian?... no!

My dear husband recently drove Charis to work in order for me attend to her desires during my scheduled break. He commented that it was most odd, but he actually had to honk at a long line of cars who just ran the red light. Sean mentioned that he pulled forward to go assuming that they would get the idea and then decided to honk before weaving in between two of the slowly moving vehicles. I laughed for quite a while once I figured out at whom he was honking, but felt also a little bit horrible! Can anyone figure out why?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Ever Growing!

My dearest little girl is getting soooo big. OK, I do know that this might seem somewhat amusing to those of you whose children are much larger, but to me, Charis seems to be maturing by leaps and bounds. She loves to play with Daddy, and her eyes light up especially when he sings her the "ABC" song. AND mommy, well, I am her food source, what can I say.

So, posted below are some pictures of Charis. Enjoy!