Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Speaking of...!!!

Well, I have no really recent pictures of my little girl, other than ones here or there. I thought I would briefly post a few of her most recent verbal escapades, however.

As of last night... Charis decided that she needed more juice. Sean and I have been somewhat diligently telling her one word at a time how to request politely for more. So, out she comes with, " May I please have some more juice?" Wow! I was quite impressed. It was obviously thought through and stated somewhat haltingly, but...

She is pretty decent at saying her numbers 1-10 and pretty much sings her ABC song. It sometimes can be hit or miss, but... I have been quite impressed.

What else... Well, she informed a Lowes employee today that a mess was made when the lady attempted to scan my full coffee, Starbucks mug. I was sort of happy since I was thinking exactly that, and not oh so happy to have the desired contents deposited on the floor.

And then there are the many times when I am called to attention by "honey, ...mummy, ...Katie." Or:

Me: Charis are you sick?
Charis: Medicine, please?
Me: (opening to the cabinet door for a little ease the pain relief -- of which she gets a very minimal dose -- and then putting in her dropper)
Charis: Mum, close door, close door!
Me: Thinking... just give me a break. Here I am attempting to help you, and you are obsessed with the fact that things are not as neat and orderly as you might desire. LOL!

And then there are the times when Charis completely overwhelms me with her seeming smartness. There is this book that she loves to read. It is basically a picture, children's dictionary. We can spend hours in there exploring. I asked her the other day about a particular bird as to its name. Charis' answer: "Macaw." What? Even I would not know that off of the top of my head.

I have to attribute much of this to Sean's attentions. I really don't even think to teach her such things, but am getting slowly better with time. It just amazes me when I attempt to fathom the handiwork of God's creation!!!

Oh yes! And we are attempting to step into the new and wonderful world of "undies." No more diapers!!! So, after many little pairs of undies being hand washed, and a few spots on the carpet being scrubbed... Charis is learning! Yeh!

I think the 'paci' removal and big girl bed will have to wait for a while! All in good time. :)

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Costume Queen said...

Awww, she sounds adorable! =)